Paul Groot (Chair)  |   University of Cape Town, South Africa | Radboud University, Netherlands

Samaya Nissanke  (Co-chair) |    University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Masaki Ando   |    University of Tokyo, Japan

Marica Branchesi   |    Gran Sasso, Italy

Varun Bhalerao   |   Indian Institute of Technology, India

David Buckley   |    South African Astronomical Observatory, South Africa

Marisa Geyer   |    University of Cape Town, South Africa

Mansi Kasliwal   |    California University of Technology (Caltech), United States

Andrew Levan   |    Radboud University , Netherlands

Ilya Mandel   |    Monash University, Australia

Raffaella Margutti   |    University of California, Berkeley, United States

Elena Rossi   |    Leiden University, Netherlands